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16-Dec-2017 21:15

As Eminem raps: "Now, look: I love my daughter more than life in itself / But I got a wife that's determined to make my life living hell."But while Hailie's name has been known to the world since the beginning of her father's career, she has actually lived a relatively private life.Until recently, however, when she decided to go public on social media.Eminem and Hailie's mother, Kim, met in high school as teenagers and started dating on and off.They married in 1999, four years after Hailie was born, but quickly divorced in 2001.It’s no secret: there are a huge number of pop-culture icons who really dislike Donald Trump and never want him to become President of the United States.Robert De Niro recently unleashed a tirade of damning words against the Republican presidential candidate; the likes of Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, and Mark Ruffalo appeared in Joss Whedon’s anti-Trump video; even Will.released a song about his derogatory comments about women.

The Golden Globe nominee famously divorced his former high school sweetheart twice (20), but it's unclear if they've since reconciled.What is most abundantly clear though with her makeup-heavy selfies and fashion shots is that this musical scion is following in the footsteps of others like Sofia Richie, Selah Marley, and Levi Dylan, Bob Dylan's grandson—all of whom are aspiring models.We give it a few months before Hailie has a contract! At the time, she was seven-years-old, and he expresses how she's made his life worth living and how proud he is to be her father.

But the song is also overshadowed by his fraught relationship with Hailie's mother, Kimberly Anne "Kim" Scott.

In 2006, Eminem and Kim remarried, but divorced once more after only a few months.